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17 October 2017 Trade and economic College of Kazpotrebsoyuz with the purpose of prevention of offenses among teenagers together with the lawyers of the public Fund "Law" Isaeva A. B., psychologist Anarbek A. E. and lawyers of Fund "Orau -Astana" Pincus J. V., Bugayeva D. T. in accordance with the joint plan, held a training seminar on "Administrative offences among minors and assistance to victims of domestic violence" for College students.


During the meeting, Foundation staff the "Right" described in detail what the Code of administrative offences is the law which regulates the relations on attraction to administrative responsibility, procedure of bringing to administrative responsibility and the procedure of execution of decisions on administrative cases. For each offence the person shall be brought to administrative, disciplinary responsibility, administrative code has a list of administrative penalties and measures of administrative and legal impact.

Types of administrative penalties

1. For committing administrative offences the person may apply the following administrative penalties:

1) a warning;

2) administrative fine;

3) compensated seizure of the object, which appeared instrument or subject of an administrative offense;

4) confiscation of the object, which appeared instrument or subject of administrative offence, as well as the property obtained as a result of an administrative offence;

5) deprivation of a special right;

6) deprivation of the license, special permit, qualification certificate (certificate) or suspension of its (his) actions on a particular activity or perform certain actions, including exclusion from the register;

7) administrative arrest;

Lawyers Pincus J. V. and D. T. Begalieva specifically examined the situation of domestic violence.

—    Domestic violence - an intentional wrongful act (action or inaction) of one person in the sphere of family and household relations concerning another (others) causing or containing threat of causing of physical and (or) mental suffering. Domestic violence can be physical, psychological, sexual and (or) economic violence.

Following the meeting, students were asked questions concerning the offense and they were able to obtain qualified legal assistance.



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