поддержка PHP 7

Prophylactic 13 and September 15, 201 7 years in the Trade and economic College of Kazpotrebsoyuz among first-year students were held, and lectures on themes: "Articles of the administrative Code of RK concerning minors" ,"Soliciting minors", "Prevention of drug addiction and alcoholism among teenagers ".


Lecture conducted:

Kujimov M. T. - Director of the College.

Zhumageldinova M. S. - inspector juvenile police captain of police.

The there T. T. - p podrostkovy doctor psychiatrist.

Chinolinowe A. S. - the inspector juvenile police captain of police.

Objective: to promote legal knowledge among students, to develop skills to counter peer pressure, denial, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

During the meeting, representatives of law enforcement agencies, familiarized students with the following articles of the administrative code:

Article 434. Disorderly conduct

Article 435. Hooliganism committed by minors

Article 440. Drinking alcoholic beverages or appearance in public places in a drunken state

Article 441. Violation of the ban on consumption of tobacco in certain public places

Article 296. Illegal handling of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances without purpose of sale

Article 442-1. Finding minors in entertainment establishments at night

Article 442-2. Finding minors unaccompanied by legal representatives outside the home


The doctor told the psychiatrist about the dangers of alcohol, nicotine, drugs and surfactants. The lecture was accompanied by demonstration of thematic video.

Following the meeting, students asked questions about bad habits and they were able to get professional help.



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