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 Expo 2016 June 2017 teachers Trade and economic College of Kazcooperation visited the international exhibition "Astana EXPO -2017".

The main theme of EXPO-2017 – "Future Energy". It reflects the concern of the international community the problem of energy consumption, which is having an increasing impact on the planet. The main aim of the Exhibition is a call to responsibility, promotion planning and monitoring people-power on the planet, minimizing the damage to the environment.

Conducting "EXPO 2017" is a major stride to establishment of Kazakhstan as an international exhibition and information-presentation platform.

The main object of the complex is the national pavilion of Kazakhstan in the form of a sphere. The thematic concept of Sphere is presented as the "Museum of Energy of the Future". Eight levels of Scope were introduced to different areas in the field of energy – the energy of the cosmos, the sun and wind, biomass, water and kinetic energy. The last level is dedicated to the future of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan in 2050. In addition, teachers visited the pavilions of the following countries: Korea, Spain, Latin America, Germany, Japan, Israel. Each country demonstrated the latest scientific and technological achievements, development prospects, as well as the history, traditions and culture of his people.



 The result of such international exhibitions is to enhance the international, economic, political, cultural and scientific relations. All countries shared their views on the resolution of problems associated with alternative energy sources. And, of course, each state will seek to showcase their goods and services, investment projects and innovative developments, to find and attract buyers and investors.

Teachers visited the international exhibition EXPO-2017 expressed the gratitude to the Vice-President of Joint-stock Companies "ACIG" Nikitin D. P. and the first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazcooperation Kurenkeeva D. S., for the opportunity to visit the exhibition.




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