поддержка PHP 7

        On September 27, 2016, in the hall of the Trade and economic college of Kazcooperation was traditional competition, which is held among first-year students under the name "Hello, we are looking for talents!".

       Purpose: to identify the talents of gifted students of the 1st year, the development of creative potential of students, to stimulate creative self-expression of the participants.The following groups took part in the competition: 11AA / 10, 12CS, 11CS, 12AA / J, 11M, 11 TS and 22 J.

       This competition has already become so popular that all our students and teachers are waiting for it with impatience, because it's so interesting to watch how new stars in our beloved college.

Result of competition:

III place-12 CS group

II place – 12 AA/J group 

І place - won the most talented friendly 11М group.

The winners and participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas and prizes. 


The following groups took part in the competition: 11UA / 10, 12ET, 11 BT, 12 EA / Қ, 11M, 11 PD and 22 Қ.

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