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        On 12 Septemberof  2017 students Trade-economic College of Kazcooperation visited the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A Museum of contemporary history of Kazakhstan. It was created by presidential decree on 28 August 2004

The purpose of the tour-through the presentation of Museum values, to talk about her family, schooling and the formation of N.Nazarbayev as the Leader of the nation.

         During excursion students are familiarized with a complex of unique materials, including rare footage video footage, photographs and archival documents. The visitors had the opportunity not only to see but also to touch such antiquities as: costume Supreme commander of the Armed forces of Kazakhstan, the dress uniform of the Republican guard "Ulan", Arab daggers, dueling pistols, as well as state awards of Kazakhstan, etc.

         Students great interest wasaroused by the unique collection of awards of the head of state, weapons, personal belongings and documents and writings N.. Nazarbayev. The trip was really liked by the students.

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IMG 5163The students of the group 11PD of specialty "Translation studies" of Trade and economic College of Kazcooperation in the framework of the educational practices presented to th eteachers and students of the College performance in English: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" on 24 May, 2017

         Purpose: improvement of students' speech competence in all types of speech activity of the English language, practical application of the received skills.

"Charlie and the chocolate factory" is a fairytale by Roald Dahl, which  about the adventures of  a boy Charlie at the chocolate factory with an eccentric pastry cook  Mr. Wonka. This production was a unique opportunity for each student to apply their knowledge of the English language and to reveal their acting talent.

IMG 5460Student theatre of Trade and economic College of Kazcooperation "Miras"  presented a premier of performance "A person fighting with sadness" ("Eternal nostalgia") on the play of the honored worker of Kazakhstan, a famous playwriter, holder of "Kurmet", Zholtay Zhumat Almashuly, on 24 may in 2017. This play was a great success and sold out in the theaters of the Republic.

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