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On 19 April in  2017 in theTrade and economic College of Kazcooperetion lawyers of PF "Right" Kazhahmetov N. T, Aushakhmetova J. H. and psychologist Tasybaeva J. M. held a seminar among the students on the theme: "Prevention of teenage drug addiction, the consequences of the use of drugs, synthetic drugs and their analogues", "the explanation of changes in administrative and criminal the legislation  of illicit drug trafficking".

The purpose of the training: to identify the problems associated with drug abuse and the prevention of the first use of drugs and other psychoactive substances.

Tasks of the training:

  • Increasing the awareness of children about the problem of drug addiction;
  • Changing children's attitudes to drug addiction;
  • Ability to say “No to drugs”;
  • Formation of motivation for health preservation.

During the training, lawyers held a preventive conversation, where they asked questions on the following topics: the use of surfactants, deviant behavior, child-parent relationships, motivation for a healthy lifestyle.  The psychologist conducted among students of the game: "Puppets"

Purpose: to determine what a person can feel when someone controls him, when he is not free.

5 students were invited to the stage. Each five is given a task: four participants must play the role of the puppeteer - fully control all the movements of the puppet, one of the participants plays the role of the doll. Each participant must be in the role of a doll. For each five placed two chairs at a distance of 1.5-3 meters. The goal of " puppeteers "is to transfer" doll " from one chair to another. At the same time, a person who plays a "doll" should not resist what "puppeteers" do to him. It is very important that every participant visited the place of " doll.

After the end of the game there was a discussion, the players answered the questions:

  • What did you feel when you were in the role of " doll "?
  • Did you like this feeling, did you feel comfortable?
  • Did you want to do something yourself?

Students actively participated in this training because there were many useful systems of work with the audience.


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