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      Volleyball competitions among students of secondary schools of Astana were held in the Trade and Economic College of Kazcooperation with in the frame work of career guidance,  on January 12, 2017.  Teams of the following secondary schools participated in the competition: № 48, 53, 23, 24, 38, 15, 16,

According to the results of competitions:

III place was taken by the teams of  secondary school №16 and school-gymnasium  №67,

II place – school-gymnasium №23,

I place – school-gymnasium  №24.

Also, certificates were awarded to the best players of the team sin the following categories:

«The best player»  is the pupil of school-gymnasium №67 Darkhan Sherkhanov

«The best forward » is the pupil of school №24 AnuarAyazbekov

Participants were awarded certificate sand sports prize sand cups!

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On the basis of Trade and economic College of Kazcooperation in the frame work of the world day of struggle against AIDS took action "I am for! # HIV prevention.» on 29 November, 2016

The event was organized jointly with the MIE "Center for prevention and control of AIDS" of the akimat of Astana and the public Association of Germans "Vizergeburg".

Purpose: to raise awareness among young people and reduce the negative impact of stigma and discrimination on people living with HIV-infection.

During the action, the doctor of the "Center for prevention and fight against AIDS" of Astana akimat G. E. Karatayeva and teacher A. T. Nurmagambetova explained to students that the action is aim ed at preventing HIV infection, promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people, combating discrimination, tolerant attitude to people living with HIV infection. The lecture was accompanied by a video showing, the doctor urged students to support this action and express their opinion, making an inscription on the palm with a short sentence, about what is needed to intensify effort stop revent HIV. Among the students were conducted exercises "what do you remember?"and active participants received prizes.

Young representative soft he public Association "Vizergeburg" has introduced students the pantomime on the theme: "the Choice is yours! (Good an devil)."

Great interest among the students was caused by the visiting laboratory, where during the event med.brother Suleimenov M.N. conducted rapid testing "Pass the HIV test." The testing is free, anonymous and confidential.

The event helped to raise the level of awareness of student son HIV/AIDS and the formation of healthy life style skills and confront negative  habits.


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