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On february 5, 2017 students of the Trade and Economic College of Kazpotrebsoyuz visited the Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbaeva, the play "Zhyt».

This dramatic production is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


On March 10, 2017 students of the Trade and Economic College of KAZCOOP visited the theater "Zhastar", where they watched the play "Tlep and Sarykz". Director: N. Zhakypbai, author: Zhumanazar Somjurek.

Plot of the play: Tlep meets Shaman for the first time in the steppe and hears kobyz. He sees how the Shaman heals people by the magical power of music. The sounds of the kobyz conquer the heart of the boy. He decides to stay with Shaman and his daughter Sarykz in order to learn how to play on the kobyz, to become a shaman himself and give people light. The years pass Tlep diligently studying the art of the old Shaman. Children's friendship of Tlepa and Sarykyz grow into tender love. They are happy, but one day the training ends and he leaves the hospitable shelter of the teacher. Ahead of him waiting for the test. The eternal war of Light and Darkness, good and evil never ends and Tlep must stand on the side of the power of Light.

He understands that the forces of Darkness are somewhere nearby, feels their threat and, together with the troops, goes farther into the steppe. The separation lasts a long time. Sarykyz pines for his beloved and he constantly thinks about her.

Tlep goes to the road. He wants to find the orphaned Sarykyz, protect her and never leave her again. Its way is long and difficult. Karakus and the forces of Darkness are pursued on their heels. They will not forgive Tlep for the victory of the forces of Light in the final battle. At the end of the path Tlep finds Sarykyz. He embraces her and she feels safe.

But the forces of darkness tear her from Tlep. She's dying. Tlep stays alone. He is inconsolable and lonely. And only music helps him. When the kobyz sings, he sees the image of the beautiful Sarykyz and believes - she is here, she lives in the sounds of his music.

The actors were able to convey the pain of the poem, the students liked the performance very much.

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